The children gather together each Sunday for an opening prayer, music, and welcome.

The children love learning to ring the handbells!  Children’s Music is led by Linda Drown.

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Then the children go to their classes to learn about their faith through Bible stories, crafts, and fellowship.
They have a great time and make lots of friends!
The classes are using the Deep Blue Kids curriculum.
We welcome children of all ages to join us at 9:30 am on Sundays.


The nursery is taught by Dianne Emily and Leah Jennings.  This was a lesson on Moses and the burning bush.

Preschool/ Lower Elementary

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Barb Parrino and Sharon Franciskato teach the Preschool/Lower Elementary Class.

Upper Elementary


Crystal Todd and Sarah Odell teach the Upper Elementary Class.

Youth Class
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The Youth Class is being taught by John McKinney and Heather Finch.  The class is raising funds for and planning a mission trip to The Morgan Scott Project in Deer Lodge, Tennessee, in July 2017. They are using Linc, a curriculum based on current events that helps make the Bible and their faith relevant in today’s world.

All youth are welcome to join us and be a part of the fun!

Young Adult Class

This class is taught by Linda Sehrt.  They discuss issues dealing with faith and living a Christian life today.  They share lots of laughter and maybe a few tears along the way.


Young adults are always welcome to join us.

Adult Class

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The Adult Class is taught by Dan O’Neill.  They are exploring faith by studying various video presentations and discussion.  Good fellowship and laughter is always a part of the class.

All are welcome to join us Sundays at 9:30 am.