Scholarship Form for Church Related Vocations

The St. Luke’s Memorial Scholarship Fund for Church-Related Vocations awards grants to individuals seeking post-graduate work in preparation for full-time Christian service.

Members of St. Luke’s United Church of Christ of Independence, Missouri will receive first consideration for use of scholarship funds. In the event no members of St. Luke’s apply, funds will be made available to other members of churches in the Missouri Conference, United Church of Christ.

To apply for a scholarship, the attached application must be submitted to the church office by June 15 of each year an applicant wishes to be considered. Personal information submitted in support of scholarship application will be retained by the scholarship committee and held in confidence. The scholarship committee reserves the right to determine if scholarships will be awarded in a particular year.

Scholarship grants shall be made toward expenses for a period of one academic year. Proportionate payment of the grant shall be made by July 15 for fall semester and December 15 for spring semester.

When a scholarship recipient completes his or her education and enters Christian service, repayment of the scholarship is not required. Because funds are limited, any future donations to the scholarship fund will be appreciated and serve to ensure that others can be afforded the same assistance and opportunities in the future.

In the event the scholarship recipient fails to enter the service of the United Church of Christ, or within five years after graduation from seminary or other graduate institution abandons the service or joins another denomination, then the applicant shall repay the grant within three years at 5% simple interest from date of grant.

  • New students or transfers, please provide proof of enrollment, such as a letter of acceptance. Renewal applicants, please provide proof of continued enrollment, such as a course schedule.
  • You may e-mail additional information if needed.
  • By typing my name in the above boxes, I verify that the information in this form is accurate and true.