ONAThroughout the process of St. Luke’s becoming an Open & Affirming (ONA) congregation, our SLIC (St. Luke’s Inclusive Coalition) task force came across a number of articles, videos, and other resources we found to be helpful. The links below are some that we utilized and wanted to make available to others who might find them interesting and informative.

Open & Affirming in the UCC

ONA information from the United Church of Christ website.

In Support of Equal Marriage Rights for All

The resolution approved by the United Church of Christ General  Synod 25 in 2005.
UCC Resolution

The Children are Free: Re-Examining the Biblical Evidence on Same-Sex Relationships

In this book, Rev. Jeff Miner and Rev. Tyler Connoley (our Sabbatical Associate Conference Minister) offer a
comprehensive yet easy-to-read examination of the  biblical evidence regarding loving same-sex relationships
and God’s attitude toward them. Several copies are available for borrowing from the church office.

Tyler's book

LGBT Terms and Definitions

A glossary of words and acronyms that are commonly used for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues.

An Example of What it Means to be “Affirming”

An article & video from the Boston Globe about how a neighborhood rallied around and affirmed their gay neighbors.

Seven Things I’m Learning About Transgender Persons

Article written by a Baptist pastor in Dallas for Baptist News Global, an independent Baptist news organization.

Clunky Questions

A series of videos prepared by the Lutheran (ELCA) church’s Reconciling Works (equivalent to the UCC’s Open & Affirming). The videos provide some answers to questions that people may be uncomfortable asking.

‘LGBTQQIA’: Why do you need a label for everything?

Why can’t church just say “All are Welcome!” and leave it at that?

I don’t ‘get’ transgender.

Is this a gay church now?

More Clunky Questions

Kansas lesbian pastor finding a home in the UCC


College/Scholarship Guide for LGBTQ Students

A college guide that breaks down the individual components that make a campus LGBTQ-friendly, as well as provides scholarship information.