The Rite of Confirmation
When a young person reaches the age of 11 – 13, she or he is invited to participate in a special class which is taught by the pastor and a layperson.  The class meets in the pastor’s study once a week for nearly a year.  The young people study the Bible, church history, and our faith and witness.  At the end of the class the young people are invited to become members of the congregation.  Usually the class joins the church on Palm Sunday.  It is truly a special high celebration.

Read some past confirmands thoughts about their confirmation experience.

1999 Confirmation Class

“Confirmation was a great time to come to a better understanding of the United Church of Christ and what its members believe, as well as the ways those beliefs connect with how our church works.  I enjoyed learning what the church was all about and then having a chance to make a committment to it.  It was also a lot of fun getting to know the other people in my confirmation class and our pastor during our times together.” – Megan (far left)

2001 Confirmation Class

“To me, confirmation was very important.  It was neat to learn about the church and of course it was fun spending every Saturday with David and Marita.  It was also fun being able to go to St. Louis and going to the different places there.  I was glad I got to experience something new and learn about this church.” – Jessica (middle)

2003 Confirmation Class

“Confirmation meant a lot to me.  It gave me a chance to learn about our church, other religions, and it also gave me a chance to hang with David.  The confirmation trip was also fun, going to St. Louis and just hanging out was the best part.” – Ethan (back row, far right)

2005 Confirmation Class

“Confirmation was really good for me because I learned more about Christianity and the UCC. It was also cool to hear it directly from our minister, David, because we got a more detailed perspective on the things that were being taught in the service than if we just listened to it on Sundays. It helped me understand the sermon better. Confirmation was great, and I almost didn’t mind getting up early on a Saturday to do it!”- Anna (first row, far right)

2008 Confirmation Class

“The Confirmation Class of 2008 had a lot of fun together.  Even if there was one girl and seven boys!  The trip to St. Louis was very fun.  When we went to Eden Theological Seminary, that was the best part.  This year’s class was also known as the crazy 8’s, as David would say!  Thank you, David and Marita, for helping and teaching the Class of 2008 about our church.” – Mary (back row, 2nd from left)

The Confirmation Class of 2012

“One thing I liked about Confirmation was the trip we took to visit the Emmaus Home in St. Louis.  It was awesome.  We got to hang out with the people there and with our classmates.” – Dylan (back row, middle)